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Engagement Rings In Antwerp, Belgium

5 absolutely MUST-HAVE Jewellery Trends of

Are you getting engaged, married or just having a feeling to wear the best Jewellery in the market?

Are you in that state of wild indecisiveness totally overwhelmed by the infinite options available?

With the help of diamond and Jewellery expert Ben David of Adori Millennium let us look at the trends for engagement rings.

First and utmost and the most important.

Diamonds must be from Antwerp, the diamond city of the world.

Antwerp is the very source of the diamond trade. In fact it is the world’s largest diamond trading hub. 80% of the world’s rough diamonds & 50% of polished diamonds are traded through Antwerp.

Premier Solitaire

Premier Solitaire | Diamond Wedding Rings | Adori Millennium

Enchanting ring in white gold with an elegant and uncomplicated design. The solitaire diamond is bold enough to stand alone, enhancing the beauty of the ring.

One of the many beautiful pieces from our collection “Engagement Rings Antwerp”.

Midnight Sparkle

Midnight Sparkle| Diamond Earrings | Adori Millennium

The multitude of diamonds sparkle even at midnight. Facinating design and easy to wear, this incredible earring is a perfect eye-catcher.

Come to our shop and view more such styles from our range “Diamond Earrings Antwerp”.

Timeless Brilliance

Timeless Brilliance | Verlovingsring | Adori Millennium

Incredible sparkling diamonds encrusted within solid white gold. A perfect match on any dress. The design is attractive and elegant.

Golden Beauty

Golden Beauty | Trouwring | Adori Millennium

Fascinating and attractive ring in yellow gold. A large solitaire with several smaller diamonds compliment each other. The diamonds are clean-cut and have an incredible sparkle.

Check out more incredible engagement rings in our shop at Vestingstraat, Antwerp. Ask specifically for “Engagement Rings Belgium”

Enchanting Elegance

Enchanting Elegance | Diamond Engagement Rings | Adori Millennium

Solitaire diamonds in white gold, incredibly perfect finish and clean-cut diamonds. The astonishing size of the diamond gives a feeling of awesomeness.

Many more solitaire diamond rings in our range “Engagement Rings Antwerp”.

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