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Our dream job is working where you would not hate a Monday morning nor long for the Friday evening.

Now for the sake of argument let us suppose you had such a dream job, what would you wear? Over and above the professional look in a perfectly fitted suit with high heels you need to find the right balance and for this Jewellery is essential. Don’t hate Monday, love it and love your Jewellery.

We all want the business attire that gives us a total sense of confidence and at the same time make us feel prefer? Lots of colour, traditional, subtle, flashy or just a plain round piece of metal. Second is the type of stone. For this I, can only say one thing. “Diamond Jewellery Antwerp”.

However, no outfit is complete without that essential Jewellery. Here I would suggest to remember the magic 3 words, Diamond Rings Antwerp.

Think of Jewellery as the final touch and not just as an add on or an embellishment. Wear the style you are most comfortable with. If you like bold go in for a big fat rock and make a statement. If you like being subtle without making too many statements go in for a simple elegant Diamond Ring from Antwerp.

If you are going bold try not to wear several bold pieces, instead keep it to just the ring. If at all you need to wear more than one bold pieces, space them apart so that both are easily visible. Of course, having a big fat rock will indicate to all your financial situation. Be careful that this is not used against you by those working with you. Give the right impression and be noticed in the right way.

So, when Monday comes and you are getting dressed for the office, remember to have the confidence by loving what you wear and loving your Jewellery. Feel pretty without having to work too hard for it. Remember the 3 magic words Diamond Rings Antwerp. Remember that throughout the week. Every day is important and try to look forward to Mondays instead of waiting for the Friday evening.

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