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Hello everyone and thank you for visiting our site. We are Katy and Ben and we have been serving customers through our company since 1996. Or should we say proudly and faithfully serving our customers. Ben is a certified diamond grader by the International gemological institute and Katy is a professional jewelry designer. We started this company in 1996 with a certain attitude and philosophy of selling and we stick to this philosophy. According to our philosophy an educated customer is the easiest customer to work with. Therefore we take all the time in the world to share our extensive knowledge with our customers. Whether it’s our offices, by mails or by phone. In the recent years all kinds of technologies came up treating diamonds for their colour or clarity. This has been abused by few jewelers all around the world. We DO NOT sell any diamonds that have been treated whatsoever. We only sell diamonds fully certified by major institutes such as GIA, HRD and IGI. All diamonds are laser marked to allow the client to clearly and easily identify the diamond.

Obviously during the years as we gained the trust of our customers the company grew up accordingly. But because of our way of working we have no aspirations to be the biggest diamond company in the world. We enjoy the personal touch with the client and we know that if we grow too fast we might loose the touch. Although we maintain ourselves as medium size company we are supported by the biggest diamond traders and manufacturers in the world. As during the years we gained the trust of those companies and we managed to make a network of trustable connections we now have a daily access to a very dynamic stock of tens of thousands of diamonds. We guide you into the process of finding and choosing the perfect diamond for you. There are two things that we understand perfectly. The first is that we do NOT create diamonds, it is a gift from nature. So what we are actually selling you is our knowledge and our loyalty. The second thing is that although selling a diamond is an every day event for us, for you it is a special and magical moment. Please let us guide you into that magical moments and be a part of it.